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Supporting your pregnancy, birth and transition to life with a newborn 

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HypnoBirthing (The Mongan Method) gives you a range of tools and techniques to support your best possible birth experience. 


Through education, breathing techniques, visualisations, affirmations, deep relaxation and hypnosis you will be empowered to approach your birthing day with calm, confidence and excitement and feel prepared to make informed choices for whatever turn your birthing takes.


Taught over 5 x 2.5 hour sessions, you have the opportunity to reflect on what is covered each week and ask any questions that may come up, while also allowing time to practice the techniques learnt in class. Each session is a special time to bond with your birth partner as you prepare for your baby's birth together. 

The best time to start your HypnoBirthing course is between 20-32 weeks pregnant.


Pregnancy and postpartum is the ultimate physical transition. Growing a baby, bringing life through you, and then nurturing a newborn are all huge tasks in themselves, yet mothers are expected to do it all often with no regard for their own wellbeing.


Massage during pregnancy and the postpartum period is a chance to take time to focus on you and brings many benefits physically, mentally and emotionally.

Our little babe all set to become a big brother very soon❤️ We love you beyond words (even

Postpartum Support

The early days with a newborn. Everyone focuses on the new baby, but what about the new mum? I believe every mother deserves as much support as humanly possible at a time when her body is recovering from birth while simultaneously trying to cope with the constant demands of a newborn. However, our modern lifestyle and expectations don't allow for the intensive support needed for the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of the mother.

My aim, as a postpartum doula, is to support you in the early days with your new babe. To walk alongside you and help you mother however you choose. The beginning of your journey into motherhood is the steepest learning curve that no amount of reading or advice from others will ever prepare you for. 


A service to support not just first-time mums, but all mums in the postpartum period. Whether it's your first or fourth bub, each journey is as unique as your baby and you are a different mother to each child based on your experiences and the circumstances.

  • 1:1 services Massage, light house duties, nourishing meals and snacks/meal prep, emotional and physical debrief, referral to other practitioners as appropriate. Packages start from $500 (including 6 hours postpartum support and an in-home massage) and can be tailored to your specific needs. 

  • Postpartum planning $120 for 2 hour in-home or online consultation to prepare for the postpartum period including self-care in the early days, support systems and pantry/meal prep suggestions. 

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