My story...

I'm a mama to two beautiful boys, wife of the world's most patient man, forever dreaming of our next adventure, and happiest with sandy toes and salty hair. 

With a health science degree and a Masters in public health, my background and curiosity in exploring how the body works meant that when pregnant with my first child in 2015 I wanted to know everything about birth. 


The local hospital offered either a regular birth preparation course or a HypnoBirthing course. Although a little skeptical about what HypnoBirthing could offer (to me hypnosis was people up on stage making fools of themselves), I signed up for it on the recommendation of a close friend.   

Turns out HypnoBirthing offered more than I could have imagined. A deep understanding of the birthing body, a whole range of techniques to empower both me and my husband during birth, and a philosophy that resonated deeply with my beliefs around the innate ability of the human body to function optimally under the right conditions. 

Fast forward nearly 4 years and, after working on a health project that led me to become increasingly passionate about the importance of a positive birth experience, I completed the HypnoBirthing International Practitioner training.  Then just 4 weeks later I called upon HypnoBirthing techniques yet again with the arrival of our second bub. 

Now here I am. Honoured to be offering HypnoBirthing classes to help you prepare for the wild ride that is birth and to support you in the magical, sleep deprived, emotional and ultimate learning experience of the postpartum period. 

Emma x

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